Buckland Beacon in the spring sunshine

There are 365 square miles of Dartmoor and this morning Rocky and I went for a rare walk to Buckland Beacon and walked straight into an old neighbour of ours walking his dogs. Rocky and I both enjoyed the company.

All my previous visits to the Beacon have been in the winter and it has been perishing cold and windy. I’ve often wondered if I went when it was sunny whether it would still be windy up there – the answer is “Yes”. The views were wonderful, all the way over to Princetown, across to the beacon above South Brent, down to the Teign estuary and away to the east.

One of the carvings commemorates the lighting of a beacon to mark George V’s Silver Jubilee. Everyone shouted “God save the King!” This made us wonder if there will be a beacon to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and if Buckland was one of the beacons used to warn of the Spanish Armada. I wonder how I can find that out.

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