Another chance encounter by the Dart

Heading up the Dart through the National Trust owned Holne Woods today Rocky and I saw a tent pitched part way across the path, right on the edge overlooking the river. I thought it must be a wildlife photographer in a hide trying to get a shot of some unusal bird. Feeling guilty that we would disturb whatever the photographer was waiting for we started to scurry passed as quickly as possible. It was a suprise to get round the other side of the tent to find an artist on his knees in the rain with what looked like a spraycan.

Painting in the rain

 The artist, Stewart Edmondson, lives locally and was actually gently drying his painting. Given the sudden torrential showers we have had all day he had come well prepared, but it had still been a challenge to keep the rain off the painting.

The river valley is looking beautiful at the moment since the rain has freshened everything up and brought on lots of new growth.

River Dart, June 2011

River Dart through the beech trees

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