Where’d September go?

Goodness me can it be that long since I did a post? September has been busy here on Dartmoor. First of all we were all busy getting ready for Widecombe Fair. My daughter turned into a baking demon, and I seemed to spend days washing up and being ordered around in my own kitchen.

The day was brilliant, apart from one torrential downpour in the late morning. Prizes were won, including a second for biscuits – thank goodness after all that effort – and a great day was had by all.

I’ve been over to Castle Drogo organising a walk for work and marvelling, as I do every time, at the wonderful position Julius Drewe chose for his barking mad home.

We met up with friends and stood on the top of Dartmeet Hill to watch the Tour of Britian cycle race go passed. You know the cyclists arrival is imminent when wave after wave of police and other official motorcyclists sweep passed clearing the road. Then we saw the TV helicopter hovering over the race in the distance. This was the point at which Bernie decied it might be a good idea to move a group of 4 or 5 ponies who had decided to cross the road, wander about the road and otherwise dither beside the road. givcen the speed of the peleton and how tightly packed together they are one stray pony could have caused one heck of a pile up!

More recently Rocky and I have been on a fungi hunt. This is being a brilliant year for them and I will take the camera next time we go. We have seen some enormous, if rather slug damaged , specimens! There are loads of Panther Caps around, but nearly every one I’ve seen has been kicked over of pulled up. They don’t get any less poisonous for being mashed up and spread around the place, just less easy to identify and more likely to be touched or picked up by mistake!

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