A Dartmoor Easter Sunday

 One of the unexpected consequences of having a daughter who is into music is the variety of events and venues I get to chauffeur her to. This morning started with a persistent alarm clock at 5.30am. Up and out with daughter, a mandolin, bag of music and a confused looking spaniel by 6.15 heading for the Cave-Penney Cross on the slopes of Corndon Tor. There we met some of the other members of the folk band she plays in, including the one who is a lay preacher and was responsible for the early start. And we waited for the  the congregation to arrive for an Easter Sunday sunrise service. The weather was not promising – low cloud scudded across the view in front of us obscuring the top of the tor and a cold wind whipped across the hillside. At least it wasn’t raining, as you can’t play stringed instruments in the rain – well, not if you ever want to play them again!

Suddenly we saw a figure emerging from the mist higher up the tor and then another one coming round the side of the tor. And  another, plus labrador. The congregation had walked up from their homes on the other side of the hill.  After a necessary round of hot chocolate the band got ready and  hymn sheets were distributed.

The band get organised

At this point, as they used to say in the News of the World, I made my excuses and left – Rocky and I headed up to the top of the tor for a quick stretch of our legs. The view wasn’t all it might be, owing to the mist, but the skylarks were just gorgeous. I was reminded yet agian what a wonderful time of day the early morning is… if only it could happen a few hours later!

A misty Corndon Tor


By the time we returned to the cross it was time for a quick rendition of “The Lord of the Dance” and off to a nearby house for bacon rolls and hot cross buns.

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