Rocky meets the lamb-dog

Meet May. She is an orphan lamb who has been brought up on a friends’s farm on Dartmoor along with their two dogs. As a result May thinks she is a dog.

May the lamb-dog

No really. When Rocky and I arrived, him on the lead just in case, she trotted up to him, sniffed his nose, sniffed his bottom and waited while he did the same canine greetings. Needless to say as soon as I got the camera out they refused to play ball.

Rocky not sure what to make of a lamb-dog

After our walk she just pottered around the yard, shadowing Mouse the lurcher  – possibly the only case of dog harrasment by a lamb.

One of the reasons for visiting, apart from seeing our friends, was to walk up the lane at the back of their farm. It is shown as an unclassified road on the OS map, but as you will see has gotten a bit overgrown.

Looking up the Webburn Valley

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1 Response to Rocky meets the lamb-dog

  1. Lovely to see Rocky up and about and communing with lambs, maybe he thinks Mary is a poodle! 🙂

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