How can it be getting autumnal already?

This summer, if you can call it that, seems to have passed in a blur of ferrying teenagers to exams, folk festivals, music workshops, friends houses and so on and so on.

It has been hard to find time to get out and enjoy Dartmoor, and even when we have the poor old moor has been having a tough summer too. Apart from the incessant rain turning Dartmoor into a giant, peaty sponge every spell of fine weather has brought such an influx of visitors that has caused it’s own problems.

Today Rocky and I had a short walk up onto the open moor where it was clear that autumn is definitely on the way.

Rowan tree on Aish Tor

The terrible weather this summer has even taken it’s toll on the oak trees that line the Dart valley. As you can see below many of the trees are suffering from mildew. Let’s hope it doesn’t cause them any long term problems.

Mildew on young oak trees

Just so you don’t think it has rained all summer I must add that I did ferry three teenagers and the dog up to Bel Tor Corner at midnight one night where we all lay on our backs watching the Perseid meteor shower. The silence made our ears ring.

Oh well – onward to autumn. Bet it’s going to be a great fungi season this year.

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