Dartmoor takes a battering parts 2 and 3

Yes, it’s been wet up here again. The road to Ashburton has been impassable on at least two occasions, though thankfully always when I have been on the home side of it and haven’t had to go out again.

I’m starting to use the flood tidemark of leaves at Deeper Marsh (aka Spitchwick) as a guide to how heavy the rain has been. This is partly because it is too windy to walk the dog most other places, unless you’re keen on the idea of a large tree branch on the head. I tried walking Dr Blackall’s Drive in a really strong wind once. I was doing fine until I turned the corner going up into the gorge, then the full force of the wind hit me. No matter how hard I walked forwards I wasn’t actually going anywhere.

Anyway, here is the tidemark for Friday morning and then the tide marks for today, after a very wild night.

Flood line at Deeper Marsh 23rd November

Flood line at Deeper Marsh Sunday 25th November

No barbeques here last night

Sheltering on lower ground

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