Quite a contrast of days here on Dartmoor

The contrast between yesterday, New Year’s Eve, and today, New Year’s Day, could hardly be more pronounced.

Yesterday was the deluge. I don’t just mean it rained, I mean a real deluge. I went shopping in Ashburton for about 10 minutes and had to wear full waterproofs, including trousers, and the rain still came through. Everyone in the shops was making jokes about having seen animals walking around in pairs, arks and needing a canoe to get home.

The road was flooded in so many places and water was still pouring of the fields and verges. Gets particularly nasty if you don’t know where the huge potholes are once they are under water. The river Dart was in full flood, careering along at an alarming rate and rising further and further up the piers of New Bridge. Mad kayakers were still riding it.

Today we had blue sky! Rocky and I went up to Corndon Tor to welcome in the New Year, but having forgotten my hat it was quite a short welcome. The wind was the sort that makes you feel as though the top of your ears will snap off if you touch them. Every car park was full. I imagine everyone else was feeling as cabin crazy as us. The ridge of Sharp Tor looked like it had been turned into a hedgehog with dark prickly spines all along it – really the silhouettes of people braving the wind to stand on the top.

Once you’ve been out on top of a tor and had the Christmas fug blown away the only thing to do is to drop in on some farming friends to say “Happy New Year” and drink tea whilst your ears come back to life. So we did!

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2 Responses to Quite a contrast of days here on Dartmoor

  1. wildwomanswimming says:

    Happy New Year Dart Walker and Rocky πŸ™‚

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