Spring is definitely thinking about it, despite the cold

Even though it feels as though it hasn’t got above freezing here on Dartmoor there are some signs that Spring is lurking in the wings.

The wild daffodils in the Dart valley are starting to come out. One of my neighbours has a field that turns yellow any day now and will turn blue in a couple of months. These were tucked in the lee of a sheltering wall on the open moor.

Walking up the river, in Holne Woods today, a pair of dippers skimmed the surface of the water, flying upstream in formation. Stopping at a likely rock, one each, they sat and bobbed before disappearing into the river in search of food.

The river itself is clear and low now after so many days without rain – goodness did I just say that? Shelves of green-grey slate are interspersed with smooth granite boulders and small deposits of river sand. Micro- river- beaches are appearing along the banks.

My optimistic reverie, enjoying the first signs of Spring, got brought to an abrupt halt as I got Rocky into the car. Yes, he’d found another sign of Spring – a nice juicy badger poo to roll in! Bath-time all round then.

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