Well, Spring took it’s time but…

I think it’s finally here. This year I don’t think I’ll commit myself further than that.

The spring flowers are finally in bloom – a few late wild daffodils still hanging on, primroses and violets everywhere, bluebells just beginning and the delicate wood sorrel filling Holne woods.


This afternoon brought a very unusual sighting. Coming home, just as I came off the high moor the road is lined with stone hedgebanks. A large stoat, with a black tip to it’s tail, was running down the side of the road. Though they are supposed to be vicious predators this one seemed quite panicked by not being able to get under cover quickly enough. It gave me the longest look at a stoat I’ve ever had. Normally they are so quick they have almost disappeared before you have really registered what they are. Even though this encounter was several seconds there was not a chance of getting a camera out to take a picture.

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7 Responses to Well, Spring took it’s time but…

  1. A couple of years ago I was driving down the lane near my house when I saw two stoats fighting full-on in the middle of the road. I stopped and they completely ignored me. They were rolling and squealing and locked together so I thought one or both would be dead by then end! Didn’t have a camera or phone with me, typically. Eventually after about 3 minutes they stopped and ran into the bank.

    • dartwalker says:

      What an amazing sight – aren’t we privileged to get these glimpses into the lives of other animals to share our environment.

      • We sure are, adders at Wembury yesterday, enjoying the sun as were we!

      • dartwalker says:

        Lucky you – aren’t they beautiful! Is Honey good at keeping away from them? Luckily Rocky has always been slightly scared of them andkept well away.


      • I don’t think she’d notice them till it was too late, luckily! A while back she was dashing excitedly round in circles in a gorse patch when a vixen shot out from under her nose and tool off up the hill. She continued to search the patch without seeing the fox at all…hope Rocky is well.

      • dartwalker says:

        He is absolutely fine thank you – no limp at all. The knee that was operated on – and broken – is now so stable it has reduced the problems he had with the other one as well. None of us can face getting the second knee operated on though!


      • Glad it’s worked so well 🙂

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