Hornet Helper

Dartmoor has a rich variety of wildlife which is wonderful, but occasionally has it’s moments. Popping into the greenhouse this afternoon to check on some seedlings I heard a loud buzzing. I’m used to rescuing bumblebees and honey bees, but this time it was a hot and frustrated hornet. It could see the outside, but couldn’t get there no matter how hard it flew at the glass.

I often see hornets in the garden, thankfully usually just one at a time, so there must be a nest around somewhere. Just as long as it stays in the garden then that is fine by me.

A quick go at shooing the hornet out made me decide that temporary incarceration was going to be the safest course of action for both of us. The nearest thing to hand were a couple of empty plant pots. I managed to scoop it into one and clap the second pot on top really quickly and took my catch outside. With the pots facing away from me I gave them a good shake, but no hornet. That is when I realised that the frantic hornet had tried to get out of the holes at the bottom of the pot and was now wedged with it’s head and thorax outside the pot and it’s abdomen stuck inside. I’m all for helping wildlife, but there was no way I was getting my hand in there to help out!

I put the whole hornet/plant pot melange gently on the ground and took a few steps back. Thankfully this hornet did have reverse gear and worked out what to do. Here’s hoping it decides to stay away from the greenhouse in future.

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